Just get over yourself

Eating Disorders are in your head! All you have to do is change the way you think about your body.
If you agree with this, you’re right. You’re also disconnected. Everything is in your head – the way you are and the way you react to the world is a reflection of how you think.

They say the same thing about happiness. Depression is all a way of looking at the world, and all you have to do is change the way you think. Simple! All the problems of the world have been solved!

Unfortunately, this attitude leads to a society that has no idea how to relate or communicate with one another. If “get over it” is your best approach, then you don’t know a thing about living with a disorder.

There is the obvious – that people of a young age have their views of the world and themselves molded by the things they are taught and experience. A parent’s impact on a child’s development is extremely important. But you can never control the way another person thinks. Ever heard of teenage rebellion?


People have a reason for feeling the way they do, and no one should ever discount external factors. What a parent tells a child about their appearance; the experience a child has in school, on the playground, or just trying to be “pretty and popular.” The environment that is created in the home will have an impact. A person’s chemical balance will have an impact. Anxiety, depression, and spring break will have an impact.

Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes. They effect all ages, all races, and both men and women. And the reasons as well as the forms are as varying as the people who experience them.

Want to make an impact? Don’t do all the talking. Maybe take a moment to do some of the listening. Otherwise, you burn bridges and build walls, the way Dr. Oz did in his show on anorexia. Waging war on “pro-ana” will be as successful as the War on Drugs, or the American War on Terror. Want to know what happens? Read this article on military suicides.

Here’s an idea. Listen. Assume for once that you don’t have any answers. Maybe you do, but suspend that for a moment. And listen…because rebellion and acting out are an attempt to communicate in an environment that is not receptive to what you have to say.



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